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Featured Phillip Island considered for Project CARS 2

Discussion in 'Project CARS 2' started by Racing Jordyn, Oct 4, 2017.

  1. Racing Jordyn

    Racing Jordyn Official VIPR Driver Premium

    Phillip Island is a legendary track with around 90 years of motor sport racing history behind it. This circuit is currently part of the MotoGP and V8 Supercars Championship calendar. After talks with Slightly Mad Studios (Rod Chong), Phillip Island excitingly could become part of the Project Cars 2’s DLC in the future.

    First we asked Chong:
    Where does our Australian Bathurst Mount Panorama circuit rate in the greatest all time tracks list?

    Chong: I'd say Mount Panorama Bathurst is definitely one of the top 3 track circuits in the world. You could also argue which is greatest track, but it really is between Nordschleife, Spa and your Australian track Mount Panorama in our top greatest of all track list. Those 3 are most certainly the greatest tracks.

    Next we asked:
    Apart from Mount Panorama (Bathurst), Has Slightly Mad Studios had any discussions about adding any other well known top Australian track circuits?

    Chong: Well, we have had Phillip Island on our tracks list for a while now, but it did not quite make it through. For Phillip Island, we are definitely interested to look into in the future with this circuit. We will have to see how things go.

    We also said: When V8 Supercars 3 (TOCA Race Driver 3) was released back in 2006, there were 11 Australian track circuits included in the game. Let's say, if you could get the whole championship back, wouldn't you get a sale from every Aussie race fan plus other fans from around the world?

    Chong: The things you need to note is, making a track now it's not quite the same as making a track circuit a few years ago. The expectation is high and has to be millimetre perfect right? So starting any other tracks now, we would have to go out there with laser scanners. We would have to fly drones over the tracks, we have to do a data analysis of the whole surface and make sure every little nuance, every bump is perfectly replicated. So for Slightly Mad Studios to take on a track now is a big deal for us. Making these simulation games is a huge big deal, it's no where near what it was. You really can't just whip up 11 track circuits just like that.

    So it looks like we will not see 11 Australian tracks included in Project CARS 2. But we did get some promising feed back from Chong and that is, we mite just see Phillip Island on the pCARS track list in the near future. We say, if iRacing can do it, why can they!
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    VIPR_SOA VIPR Member Member

    Great write up. Hope this gets added to the game at some point.
    How about Holden considered for Project CARS 2. Every other Sim racing games seems to have the Holden V8 Supercars.
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