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Theres not really that many MP3 player mods hanging around Well there is one which is pretty cool, it does what you want it to do, thats the main thing.
I wanted a MP3 player with some kind of equalizer effects. A player that looks cool lol. What i did was turn a video player into a MP3 player and added an equalizer that goes with the playing music. A few days later after messing around with the coding, as it had to be coded to vBulletins BBcode, i came up with this:
vBulletin, VB3/VB4, IP.Boards and Xenforo Live Demo =

FYI: This Mod, i have added/uploaded this at for other vBuletin users here: MP3 Media Player For vBulletin

Wow: Who would of thought this player would also work on Ip.Boards!

I believe this player looks way better on dark styles rather than light. All details and instruction on how to install are at in the zip file ;)

Ah, this BBcode also works on VB4 as seen in the screenshot i had taken when i was running a VB4 board, and comes with 2 other skins.

For members of, just click the little music note and place any MP3 link in the middle as shown in another screenshot added, and your done, also supports MP4, M4A.

Hope some people find this handy for their boards and here.

VB3/Ip.Boards White

VB3 Dark

VB4 Dark

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