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I really liked this MP3/M4A Player because you could actually add the player to a post more than one time without it conflicting with one another. But what this player hasn't got, is HTML5 capabilities. Its just a browser flash based player for example FF, IE etc. Its certainly great for Admins that run VB Forums and don't care for HTML5. Well having the Play Link under or above this player does work well for any Mobile Device. But not being able to actually see the Flash player its self using HTML5 sucks. I'd like to see the player with the Play Link using Mobile, but it's just not possible.

My next update for this player will be HTML5 Compatible. Well i have already created it. The Spectrum Visualizer works great with Flash Browsers, and the HTML5 fall back works good to. 2 down falls though, you can only post in the player once per thread and, the .JS file is clashing with our new JW6 Video Players. I can't find a work around for the .JS JW5 File clashing with JW6 .JS File as yet.

Anyways, this will now be a Demo Player for VB.Org. If anyone wants to use this MP3/M4A Player, you can Download it here: FLV/MP4/MP3/M4A Media Player BBCode

I'm going to leave this Demo of our old MP3/M4A Player here for users.

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