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Hasit Nanda's Sia - Chandelier - Piano Cover - Staring Maddie Ziegler

Discussion in 'VIPR Multimedia' started by Hadley, Sep 14, 2014.

  1. Hadley

    Hadley VIPR Member Member

    Hasit Nanda brings Sia's Chandelier Song to a whole new level by recreating the entire song by piano. i posted in the Maddie Ziegler forum because Maddie is the film clip king and stars in this recreated piano version of Sia Chandelier. if anyone has talent out side of dance its this guy. what you all think of the talent? click like if you dont reply!

    What Hasit Nanda says about the video song by Sia staring Maddie.
    this is a guy that certainly has the passion. you hear, see the feeling of emotion that goes into his music creations.

    unlike youtube, theres not dislike button, so who ever hit thumbs down on youtube needs to get a life!

    Hasit Nanda Channel give credits to the guy.

    Watch this amazing clip piano cover.
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  2. Maddie

    Maddie Everyone’s replaceable! Member

    OMG, best ever Cover. Hasit Nanda is SO, SO GOOD. Im a going over to watch some other stuff he has done at youtube. 10/10...
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