PC Bathurst Lap Time: 2:00.661 - Ford Falcon FG V8 Supercar - RJ's Thoughts - Project CARS 2

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Even though this is not a world record time. I'm stoked for sitting in 4th place out of like 600 times recorded. In project CARS 1, i must say, i did do pretty well in the Ford FG. I broke a lot of world records on PC and PS4, and was a pretty consistent race driver in this beast. When pCARS 2 came out, i found myself pretty slow and average in the FG and thoughts were running through my head like, is this it, is my winning streak over, am i not going to be known as a fast driver in the V8's anymore, not known as the one to beat. I felt i was losing hope, and those that take sim racing seriously would understand of these thoughts and cycles if that makes any sense at all. I don't show pony or up my self, like, look at me, beat that time or i beat you with a smile. That's not me at all. And from experience from real life sports and sim racing, the show pony mite win a few, but in the end, they always lose. I'm talking about the "look at me, i am to good" show pony's. Don't be one of them, because you will throw your brain into over confidence mode and end up losing. Who am i? I'm the quite one not talking, sitting there racing my race in my head before it starts. I'm the one whos mind keeps saying "You have to believe that something different can happen". Of course i like people saying "you're good" "You're fast", but at the same time, i don't want to hear that. All that matters to me is, i have done it for me, i have made myself proud. I have proved to my self i can do it, or i did it. You know, behind closed doors with a fist pump, YESSSSS, till the adrenaline dies down lol. My mind was fighting this saying "He who says he can and he who says he can't are both usually right". I feel know that i have the "He who says he can" back in my brain. Like, im not saying i am going to kick everyone's ass this year, all thats going through my head at the moment is, i may just go better than i thought i would this year. I am just happy that the fire is back to go well. Anyway, i'll shut up now, this post is starting to look like a persons facebook post, omg hang me now :D


Well, here is the Bathurst Time Trial i didn't get the world record to, but certainly have improved to get damn close to it. Thanks for reading my unusual post and my video.

Over and out!


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