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2019 Track Stars GT Cup

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Welcome to the 2019 Track Stars GT Cup, a series for all Group 3 cars with drivers of various abilities competing together with all drivers given an equal opportunity to take race wins and even the series championship. The Track Stars GT Cup may not be a true showing of driver ability, however the driver rating and handicap system that will be in place will ensure that the finishing order will never be the same every single week and whoever has a faultless and error free race will be firmly in contention for the win. Any car that is on the Group 3 roster will be eligible for use in the 7 round series, with a number of dream cars from all over the world available for drivers to use.

Races will take place on Sunday nights with starting times varying from anywhere between 7-8 PM AEST (or AEDT during daylight savings times)

GT Cup Calendar.png


All group 3 cars are eligible to compete in the series with the In-Game Bop (Balance of Performance) in place

Group 3.jpg

Driver Handicaps

To help create a balance between varying driver abilities and give everyone a chance of winning through completing a mistake free race, a driver handicap system will be implemented throughout this series. The driver handicap will be a time penalty in the form of a delay to the start of the drivers race. Handicaps will be determined by a drivers rating (Platinum, Gold, Silver or Bronze) but may be adjusted during the season if necessary to accomodate for improvements in driving ability. Handicaps will be announced before each round in the drivers briefing.

Driver Ratings

All drivers will be given a rating of either Platinum, Gold, Silver or Bronze. To receive a driver rating, drivers must complete the 1 Lap attack in the Nurburgring GP circuit exprience and the submit proof of a lap time so we can help determine a driver rating. Driver ratings may also be adjusted based on previous race performances and perfomances during the season.

Points System

Room Settings

Race Settings
Start Type: Grid Start
Boost: Off
Slipstream: Real
Damage: None
Tyre Wear: 1x
Fuel Wear: 1x
Grip Reduction: Real

Penalty Settings
Collision Ghosting: None
Shortcut Penalty: Invalidate Time
Wall Collision Penalty: None
Side Contact Penalty: None
Correct Vehicle after collision: Off
Replace cars when they leave the track: Off
Flag Rules: On
Ghost Lapped cars: Off

Driving Aids
Counter steering: Prohibited
ASM: Allowed
Driving Line: No Limit
Traction Control: No Limit
ABS: No Limit
Auto Drive: Prohibited

Driving Standards

As we have damage turned of for the races we will not be opposed to a little bit of rubbing and bumping between cars as long as no one has their race severely affected by any contact. In the event contact does occur and a driver does lose more than the one position we recommend that the driver attempting to pass drops back behind the affected driver to address the situation.

Prize Structure

Series Champion: 3 Month PSN Plus Subcription
Series 2nd Place: 1 month PSN Plus Subscripiton & $20 Gift card
Series 3rd Place: 1 Month PSN Plus Subscription

Sign Ups

To sign up, please follow the link in provided here and fill in the sign up form.

Sign up form
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