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    pCARS 2 PS4 Endurance - V8SC Round 13 - Bathurst - Drivers Briefing

    Endurance Drivers Briefing for Bathurst Round 13 V8SC All Times In: AEDT Date: Sunday 11/11/2018 Number of Races: 2 Time Progression: x2 Tyre Wear: Authentic Breaks Between Races: 1 Room Opens: 1:00PM Qualifying: 1:30PM Race: 2:00PM Laps: 37 Tyres: Slick Soft Season: Autumn Weather: Clear Room...
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    pCARS 2 PS4 V8SC Round 7 - Silverstone GP - Drivers Briefing - 2018

    Drivers Briefing for Silverstone GP Round 7 V8SC All Times In: AEST Date: Sunday 22/7/2018 Room Opens: 8:30PM Qualifying: 9:00PM Race: 9:15PM Number of Races: 1 Breaks Between Races: 0 Laps: 21 Mandatory pit stops: 1 Tyres: Slick Soft Season: Spring Weather: Clear/Heavy Cloud Room Time: 17:00...
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    pCARS 2 PS4 Super2 Results - Round 1 - V8 Supercars Series lll 3 - Red Bull Ring GP - Finished - 2018

    Super2 Results - Round 1 - Red Bull Ring GP - V8 Supercars Series lll Great turn out to our first Super2 race at red bull ring round 1. Some good battles, great racing and fun to watch. Great win to @Youle82 crossing the line first. Bad luck to @evilknight85 who lead most of the race and settled...
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    pCARS 2 PS4 V8SC Results - Round 6 - V8 Supercars Series lll 3 - Red Bull Ring GP - Finished - 2018

    V8SC Results - Round 6 - Red Bull Ring GP - V8 Supercars Series lll This race surely has to be one of the best and close races so far this year. There was no room for error at such pace at red bull ring. Those tiny mistakes some drivers made was very costly. If you end up slightly in the grass...
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    Round 10 Results - Lmola - V8’s 2017 - Finished

    Great clean racing by all drivers. Congrats to @Racing Jordyn for the win. Good job to @Taz6527 2nd and @DZITEZ 3rd. Everyone had good pace and there was some good battles between @Transporter and @Pubs16. Well done to @Youle82 for continuing the full race even tho things didn't go your way. The...
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    Round 11 - Next Event - Road America - V8’s 2017

    Round 11 Road America. Sunday 23rd of July. Please be careful on the exit of Pit Lane. As there is barely a Pit line on exit, remember to check in the map for any drivers coming down the main strait. Please be careful coming into turn 1 off the start. See you all this Sunday for Race Day! And...