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  1. VIPR

    pCARS 2 PS4 Results - Round 2 - V8 Supercars Series lll 3 - Watkins Glen - Finished - 2018

    Results - Round 2 - Watkins Glen - V8 Supercars Series lll Good night for round 2. Again, few drivers down and hoping to see all drivers on track for round 3. @VIPR FPR lightning fast race 1 and 2, pulling off 1st place overall, awesome job mate. @DZITEZ back in form and flying in both races...
  2. VIPR

    PC pCARS 2 V8 Supercars Series 1 - 2019 - Prizes! - Sign Ups Open

    Coming Soon will be the official PC Project CARS 2 V8 Supercars Series 1. This will be the first pCARS 2 Series ever on PC for #VIPR. So lets hope things run smoothly! While running our GT Series, Project CARS 2 would release a patch and we had to alter a few things, so prepare for some changes...
  3. VIPR

    PS4 pCARS 2 V8 Supercars Series lll - (3) - V8SC & Super2 Series - 2018 - Prizes!

    Welcome to the official PS4 Project CARS 2 V8 Supercars Series lll (3). This is a 2 series event, 1 for Super2 Series and 1 for V8SC Series. Both Super2 and V8SC tracks, dates and events are held on the same days, so there will be no confusion. Super2 is for drivers to shine without the fast...