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  1. Maddie

    Request a Dance Moms Forum - The Minis?

    Who wants to add the Minis to the boards?? And what other forums would you like to see on our Dance Moms Forum?? PS Its good to be back.
  2. Star Power

    Peyton Heitz - Top Dancer - Official Thread

    Peyton Heitz is an American, student, dancer. Not so famous Dancer as Dance Moms Team, though this girl can really Dance. I think others that do not know Peyton, should now know her here! At the moment Peyton Heitz participates in the school performing arts "Dance Precisions" and is an amazing...
  3. Hadley

    season 4, episode 32 part 2 - Trio "fool me once" by maddie, chloe and kendall

    here is the video of the performance trio called "fool me once" from episode 32, dance moms season 4 part 2. this is a solo of maddies. chloe and kendall understudied the solo. so for the very first time ever, they will be preforming this as a trio. "fool me once". maddie, chloe and kendall...
  4. Hadley

    dance moms, season 4, episode 32 part 2 - group dance "tribal council"

    here is the video of the ALDC girls preforming their group dance number called "tribal council" with Nia in the lead. this is from dance moms season 4, episode 32 part 2. Tribal Council. Abby Lee dance Company. Hidden Content
  5. Hadley

    Chloe Lukasiak lucky star, Chloes last chance to dance for ALDC - Final Solo Ever!

    here is the video of Chloe performing her "lucky star solo" on dance moms, season 4, episode 32 part 2 - playing favorites, the season 4 finale. and the final solo Chloe Lukasiak ever gets to dance for the abby lee dance company. very sad moment for some, happy moment for others. im certainly...
  6. Star Power

    Happy happy 14th birthday to you Kalani Hilliker!

    I'd like to wish this very special Dancing girl a very Happy 14th Birthday. We all love you Kalani and want you back on Dance Moms! Abby Lee Miller, PLEASE let Kalani Hilliker back on the team. :) And my bad im few days late in creating this Topic :rolleyes:
  7. Maddie

    Season 4 Episode 21 Group Dance "Light as a Feather, Stiff as a Board" Video

    Simply an amazing performance to me and to most others. This Team Dance should of by far been in first place who agrees? Light as a Feather, Stiff as a Board, Dance Moms Team Dance is one of their best since day one of Dance Moms. It's one of the most Dances that gave me goose bumps and chills...
  8. Hadley

    Sophia Lucia Full Solo - My New Reality Recreated - Dance Moms

    as there was no real clear music to Sophia Lucia's Solo videos around the internet. i decided to recreate the song My New Reality.mp3 myself. i cut and mixed in the same parts of the music as who ever edited the song for her performance. i noticed there was one part where the beat is out, so i...
  9. Hadley

    Dance moms season 1 episode 1 group dance

    lets go back in time when dance moms very first started. you can see from this group dance performance just on how much the girls have improved. abby seemed not to like the girls dance. but for us it was a start of a great new tv show. anyone have any comments about the very first dance moms...
  10. Hadley

    Mackenzie Ziegler Solo "Watch Me Fly" Video - Dance Moms

    Mackenzie Ziegler breaks out a winning performance with her solo dance "Watch Me Fly". She has certainly improved so much since season 1. I did find this following comment very cool! so much for the little girl who just wanted to stay home and eat chips rather than dance. Shes now become a...
  11. Maddie Fan

    Dance Moms Cast Video

    Fan video of our cool Dance Moms Dancers cast. This video is a slide show of our favorites for that year. Video is by... Today was just checking other video social site and found this. :p
  12. We Love Chloe

    Chloe Lukasiak dancing improv Australia (Dance moms) Video

    Wow Chloe. You were amazing, and it also looked like that Abby choreographed this Dance? Chloe is such a beautiful dancer. I wish i knew where Chloe were gonna be so i could have gone to see Chloe Dance :( Chloe Lukasiak the Dance moms queen!
  13. Maddie

    Maddie's performance of Chandelier on Jimmy Kimmel

    Thursday night on the Jimmy Kimmel Live show. Sia hiding her face in the corner same as Ellen Show which represents her Album. Sia the Australian singer performing Live, took on the choreography under the tutelage of the video's dancer "Maddie Ziegler" from Dance Moms. Check it out Live Now...
  14. ABBY

    Dance Moms Forum | Dance Forums | Dance Help and Support

    Dance Moms Forum is a fan forum for fans of the hit tv series Dance Moms. The site fan forum has a great Dance Moms Gallery off all the Dance Moms stars of the past and present. You can also get real life Dance Help and Advice. The Dance Moms discussion Boards is free for everyone and the only...

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