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chloe moretz

  1. HitGirl

    Chloe Moretz Makes a Splash in Her Bikini Pics Beach Pics

    Chloe Moretz takes a swim and a fun jet ski ride in Miami, Fla. August 2nd on a Saturday afternoon (2014). Chloe taking a break before continuing the the promotion of her movie "If I Stay". I have uploaded and attached a few hundred HD images in 2 zip files for anyone to download! These images...
  2. ABBY

    Chloe Grace Moretz in Not Forgotten

    Behind the scenes. Chloe Moretz in Not Forgotten. I did not see this in the Gallery here :)
  3. ABBY

    Chloe Grace Moretz Knows How to Scream! English Srt File (Subs)

    For anyone that wants the srt file for English subs to this youtube clip. Its uploaded in this Topic for download. Maybe not spot on as they talk over eachother in parts. But very passable! Sample.
  4. Kick-Ass

    animated gifs of chloe talking

    who ever made these really cool chloe moretz gif, they're really good at what they do. who ever made theses can you sign up so i can give your credit, because these are really good and fun to just sit and look at. thank you to those that made them :) also does anyone know the name of the video...
  5. Lupita Ramos

    Made Some Chloe Moretz promotion banners

    i see a lot of sites with their own promotion banners. so i thought i'd try and create my own to promote other pages on my site. like if guests go to video page they see a promotion for chloe news. it was a good way to help navigate members and guests around the site, from forums, news to news...
  6. Lupita Ramos

    my first attempt at an animation banner for Chloe Moretz Radio Page

    awhile back i needed a radio banner but couldn't find any that was actually any good. im not saying this is any good as its my first attempt at creating anything that's slightly animated. i decided to create a banner then put a speaker/woofer onto the banner and make it look like it was moving...
  7. X

    chloë Moretz Army ‏@TheArmyMoretz

    a message to you, go get a twitter personal and just follow chloe, you have many twitters a facebook silly shit. your idea bore me and your twitter is embarrassing to us chloe moretz fans.
  8. X

    chloe moretz on the set of "kick ass 2"

    chloe moretz on a bike. she look really hot and fits the part to kick-ass 2 bad girl. i like these 2 images and i hope you do to. chloe moretz on the set of "kick ass 2" ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
  9. X

    Chloë!!! She's beautiful!!! Isn't she?

    chloe you are so beautiful. who agrees? whos a fan and likes this image?
  10. X

    chloe moretz tumblr

    everything is getting out of hand with all the chloe moretz tumblr and its so annoying. tumblr is free and boring, so why you dont go out and get a real chloe moretz fansite like this gochloe one. tumblr is so stupid and there are to many chloe moretz tumblr that it makes me sick. be a fan join...
  11. X

    Chloe Moretz Quotes

    chloe has really some good Chloe Moretz Quotes. you can read some, i will write these right now. please read Chloe Moretz Quotes as this is what makes her the best :) Everyone around me is so strict about keeping me grounded. Chloe Moretz I actually work at my craft, and I actually want to be...
  12. ABBY

    Images: Chloe Moretz: Off to the Movies

    Chloe in front of the public eye again wearing black, which seems to suit her down to a "T"! Today Chloe Moretz is looking to enjoy a relaxing night off, so she treated herself to a movie at "The Grove" in West Hollywood on the date of Monday (December 17).
  13. ABBY

    Hick 2011 (108) HD Screencaps, Stills, Thread 2

    Hear is Chloe Moretz in the Movie Hick 2011, 108 HD Screencaps. This is Thread 2 of Hick Stills, as theres many more to come again. Hope TopicOh members find these Caps handy. ;) Like how cool is Chloe as an actress??? Enjoy... Original Dimensions: 1280 x 544. FYI: Please click image to see...
  14. Kick-Ass

    fake or real? elle fanning and chloe moretz

    i found this at $$$$yeah.chloe which i found to be a pointless waste of my time. why post fakes? is this photo fake?
  15. Mindy-kate and Ashley

    Share a coke with Chloe !

    Here in the land of OZ, Coca-cola are currently busy with their "Share a coke" promotion. With this they place peoples first names on the bottle or can label. They released about 100 different names from October, which are slowly filtering through stores. Last week they put up a facebook...
  16. mrputter

    Chloe in Japan - 72 Pics of the premiere of Kick-Ass - Plus Japanese press conference

    New, old pics. 72+ of them. Chloe Moretz in Japan for their premiere of Kick-Ass 2010. Not sure of the date that these images were taken. EDIT: 28th Oct 2010 these pictures were taken. Chloe had a Japanese press conference on the same day. Chloe Moretz wearing in...
  17. ABBY

    20 Room 6 2006 Screen Caps Of Chloe Moretz

    20 Room 6 2006 Screen Caps Of Chloe Moretz. Couldn't get that many as Chloe just appears now and then in the Movie Room 6 2006. 2 samples ;) Hidden Content
  18. Lupita Ramos

    Celebrity Suggestions Thread

    Ok so we are always looking for new celebrity talent added to our boards. Make suggestions here on who and which celebrity's that should be added. So far New Celebrities added will be: Chloe Moretz.

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