2018 “The winner ain't the one with the fastest car, it's the one who refuses to lose.” 2018
VIPR Club Events for 2018 - 5 Rounds

pCARS 2 VIPR Club Events for 2018 - 5 Rounds

#VIPR 2018. 5 Fun Club Events.
Drivers will test their skills around 5 different tracks racing in 5 different cars. Drivers will receive points per round, adding up after 5 rounds to declare the Winner! All Drivers from around the world are welcome to join in with the fun. We do expect clean driving from all drivers as stated in our Racing Rules. Although we do expect a bump or 2 in our snow race, as i am sure most drivers are new to Rally Cars in Project CARS 2. These events will be played on the PS4, but if we do not get the numbers, we may move to PC. All track and car information can be read in the Sign Up links below. Good luck and we hope to see everyone on track!


Fun Event 1 Round 1
Drivers will race in the snow in the WRX cars at Brands Hatch Indy.
>>> R1 Sign Up Here <<<


Fun Event 2 Round 2
Touring Cars at Oulton Park International.
>>> R2 Sign Up Here <<<


Fun Event 3 Round 3
For 29 Laps, drivers will race at Indianapolis Motor Speedway Oval in the Stockcars.
>>> R3 Sign Up Here <<<


Fun Event 4 Round 4
Racing the Group 5 Cars at the Bathurst Night Race!
>>> R4 Sign Up Here <<<


Fun Event 5 Round 5
For the last round, drivers will race at night in the GT1 cars at Daytona Road Course.
>>> R5 Sign Up Here <<<

Day, Dates And Times
All times in (AEST)
Room Opens: 7:30PM
Qualifying: 8:30PM
Brands Hatch Indy: Saturday 24th of Feb
Oulton Park International: Sunday 8th of April
Indianapolis Motor Speedway Oval: Sunday 15 of April
Bathurst: Sunday 22nd of April
Daytona Road Course: Sunday 29th of April

Practice Nights
Thursdays from 7:30PM to 9:00PM

Points Per Round
1st: 75
2nd: 69
3rd: 64
4th: 60
5th: 55
6th: 51
7th: 48
8th: 45
9th: 42
10th: 39
11th: 36
12th: 34
13th: 33
14th: 31
15th: 30
Pole Position: 1
Fastest Lap Time: 1

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