2018 “When you win a race you're on top that day, so take it for what its worth, have a good time and party, cause the next day when you get out of bed, the meter goes back to zero again.” 2018

Super2 Round 1 - Red Bull Ring GP - Drivers Briefing - 2018

pCARS 2 PS4 Super2 Round 1 - Red Bull Ring GP - Drivers Briefing - 2018



Drivers Briefing for Red Bull Ring GP Round 1 Super2
All Times In: AEST
Date: Sunday 15/7/2018
Room Opens: 7:00PM
Qualifying: 7:30PM
Race: 7:45PM
Number of Races: 1
Breaks Between Races: 1 before V8SC​


Laps: 19
Mandatory pit stops: 1
Tyres: Slick Soft
Season: Spring
Weather: Clear
Room Time: 12:00
Time Progression: Off
Tyre Wear: Accelerated​

This is Round 1 for the Super2 Drivers. Please be extra careful coming into the first corner off the line.

Practice will not start till all drivers are in the lobby and hit Ready.

Good luck to all drivers racing in round 1.

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