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pCARS 2 PS4 Round 5 - Hockenheim GP - V8's - Drivers Briefing - 2018

Drivers Briefing for Round 5 Hockenheim GP.

  1. VIPR
    Drivers Briefing for Hockenheim GP Round 5 V8's
    All Times In: AEST
    Date: Sunday 08/7/2018
    Room Opens: 7:30PM
    Qualifying: 8:30PM
    Race: 8:45PM
    Number of Races: 1
    Laps: 27
    Mandatory pit stops: 2
    Tyres: Slick Soft
    Season: Spring
    Weather: Clear
    Room Time: 07:00
    Time Progression: 5x
    Tyre Wear: Accelerated
    Breaks Between Races: 0

    Please be extra careful off the start coming into turn 1, as this turn 1 is some what unusual and we don't think its possible for a side by side corner. So all drivers may have to go into single formation around turn 1.

    Round 5 will start off in the early hours of the morning, half dark, just enough to see. As the race goes on, the sun will rise. If anyone thought round 4 was tricky, well this track maybe even worse, its hard to stay consistent with slippery chicanes around most parts of the track ready to make you spin. You will have bright sun shining in your eyes in some parts of the track most of the race. Your tyres will wear down twice which makes things extra hard to stay away from the chicanes. Tyre Wear is set at Accelerated, Mandatory pit stops is set at 2. This track has been tested, and as a fast pace, its not possible to do 27 laps with pitting 2 times. Unless you want your lap times to suffer. Regardless, you must pit and change tyres twice, this makes racing more interesting to see what pit strategy drivers chose. This race will be hard, get practice as you will need it! Good luck to all drivers racing this Sunday, cheers.

    Don't let the chicanes do this to you!

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Added to Calendar: 07-08-18

    DZITEZ Official VIPR Driver Premium

    Hey guys, i won't be on tonight. I have something on.
    VIPR likes this.
  2. OP

    VIPR Founder Administrator

    Cheers for letting everyone know mate.
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