Round 14 & 15  Next Events - Bathurst & Le Mans - V8s 2017

Round 14 & 15 Next Events - Bathurst & Le Mans - V8s 2017


This is it!!!

The last 2 Races of the 2017 V8 Supercars held over 1 weekend.
On the 26th and 27th, someone will be crowned the V8 Supercars Champion of 2017. The points are close, its double points for round 14 and 15. Images added below are the final updates for the V8 Supercars of 2017. For the final time this years, let us remind you to take extra care on the exit of pit lane. Please stay inside the white pit line on exit of pit lane at Le Mans. Penalty will be given out to those that cross that line. At Bathurst, your car will shoot a little bit to the right on the exit of pit lane, please try to keep your race car to the left as much as possible to avoid collisions. Take EXTRA CARE on the first corner in both races. These 2 races are long, no need to go mad to pass off the line or first corner. Try not to get a pit lane penalty off the start! Prizes have been updated below along with both Events. Good luck to all drivers that have entered and made it in the final 2 #VIPR rounds/events of 2017 in the V8. Thank you all for another great year boys. Peace out - VIPR.

Round 14

Round 15

2017 Endurance Prizes

Points for Round 14 and 15

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