2018 “When you win a race you're on top that day, so take it for what its worth, have a good time and party, cause the next day when you get out of bed, the meter goes back to zero again.” 2018

Results - Round 4 - V8 Supercars Series lll 3 - Ruapuna Park GP - Finished - 2018

pCARS 2 PS4 Results - Round 4 - V8 Supercars Series lll 3 - Ruapuna Park GP - Finished - 2018


Results - Round 4 - Ruapuna Park GP - V8 Supercars Series lll
As per usual, no complaints from any drivers, turn one was clean both races so congrats to all drivers. This wasn't the best choice of track but everyone did very well considering. For some reason I can't seem to tag anyone, so I'm sorry about that. Great job to Racing Jordyn Racing Jordyn for the overall win. Top lap times from VIPR FPR VIPR FPR , 2 poles and quickest lap time race 1, and through for 2nd overall. Pubs16 Pubs16 a massive effort with a 3rd overall. Pubs stated that race 1 was a great race. Well it certainly was. There was lots of position changes and battles which made race 1 a lot of fun. Dave_B Dave_B crossing the line in 4th was a great effort and showing big improvements. evilknight85 evilknight85 was at one point in 2nd spot in race 2, with also a lot of position changes. Also a few drivers losing it around corners like Youle82 Youle82 who was on the pace pulling massive times. Watching the replay of race 2 at the drivers who did slide out, we seen DZITEZ DZITEZ that full advantage moving up through the field to take 3rd in race 2. Round 5 will be tough for all drivers and should be some good battles. The points are close, thank you to all drivers that raced and good luck in round 5. Sorry this was cut short, we had a few issues with excel and tagging. Cheers.





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