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pCARS 2 PS4 Results - Round 3 - V8 Supercars Series lll 3 - Monza GP - Finished - 2018

Great racing in the wet by all drivers in round 3 Monza.

  1. VIPR
    Results - Round 3 - Monza GP - V8 Supercars Series lll
    Great racing in the wet by all drivers in round 3 Monza. Nice clean racing at turn 1 off the start was perfect by all drivers, very clean, great to see guys congrats. Good win by @Racing Jordyn@Racing Jordyn and not far behind him was @Pubs16@Pubs16 who was battling along in the wet holding his 2nd place with @VIPR FPR@VIPR FPR right behind him, FPR came through for 3rd after a DT. @DZITEZ@DZITEZ still injured coming across the line in 4th, get well soon mate. @Youle82@Youle82 big efforts for his first race this year in the V8, great drive coming in 5th. @Dave_B@Dave_B never giving up and driving a good consistent clean race crossing the line in 6th, job well done mate. @evilknight85@evilknight85 was driving great and was fast sitting in 4th place 5 seconds in front of 5th, but he forgot to put enough fuel in his car and over shot the pit lane speed limit resulting in a DNF. We all believe the game should not give a DNF for 4kph over the speed limit. We think a time penalty or DT is more appropriate. In round 2 @Racing Jordyn@Racing Jordyn received a DNF for entering Pit Lane costing him top spot on the leader boards. These things happen and we move on in hope that pCARS 2 brings out a fix soon as these issues are reported. New rules are coming soon and will be announced before Round 4. These new rules will be to do with the chatbox and time penalty's in a race. See you all in Round 4, thank you to all drivers that raced.
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