Results - Event 5 - GT1 Cars - at Daytona Road Course - Finished - 2018

pCARS 2 Results - Event 5 - GT1 Cars - at Daytona Road Course - Finished - 2018


Results - Event 5 - GT1 Cars - at Daytona Road Course

Big 50 minute night race for our last event, which seemed to have went pretty well for all drivers. Dave_B Dave_B 3rd on the #VIPR Podium with a 1:38.5 for round 5 mate, well done, big effort. Congrats to Racing Jordyn Racing Jordyn for pole, JUST a head of VIPR FPR VIPR FPR for 2nd. Congrats to 1st, 2nd and 3rd. Racing Jordyn Racing Jordyn VIPR FPR VIPR FPR and DZITEZ DZITEZ to round up the last race. Pubs16 Pubs16 evilknight85 evilknight85 and Dave_B Dave_B just missing out in the top 3 winners circle after all 3 drivers worked really hard the entire race. Congrats to all drivers for their clean racing efforts even after the AI cars spoiled the start of the race.

Some Small Notes
Firstly, i hope everyone enjoyed these 5 fun racing events! It certainly is not easy to race a completely different car each week and get the right setup by race day. Everyone done extremely well doing this around family events, work, health issues etc. Job well done boys. Secondly, we would love all drivers to rate our events here and on our >>FaceBook Page<< to let us know how we are doing, and also to attracted other drivers. We are always trying to improve and we do put a 100% effort into our series and racing events. With your feedback, we can improve. Thank you for racing with #VIPR. See you all in our V8 Supercars Series!

Final Results after 5 Fun Events
Congratulations to our Top 3 drivers for the final driver overall point standings. See your profile for winnings!

Event 5 Results

Final Results
Congrats and top effort boys Racing Jordyn Racing Jordyn Pubs16 Pubs16 DZITEZ DZITEZ




Final Driver Standings

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Great racing. Great group of drivers to race with. Looking forwards for next series.
Thoroughly enjoyable racing and very well organised events.
Thank you so much for the feedback Dave. :)