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Results - Event 4 - Group 5 Cars - at Bathurst - Finished - 2018

pCARS 2 Results - Event 4 - Group 5 Cars - at Bathurst - Finished - 2018


Results - Event 4 - Group 5 Cars - at Bathurst
Mite start off by saying congrats to all drivers for wrestling these Group 5 cars around Bathurst at such a fast pace. It wasn't easy with the track condition changes, the track was a bit slippery with heavy cloud as the race headed into the night. We had a few issues for some drivers caused by project CARS 2 game which was unfortunate for DZITEZ DZITEZ and others. Lets hope there is a fix for these game issues coming soon. Congrats to the top 3 finishing drivers and Racing Jordyn Racing Jordyn for the quickest lap time of the night 2:02.6. Another good race from evilknight85 evilknight85 . Dave_B Dave_B , the race may not have gone to plan, but you never gave up mate great job. DZITEZ DZITEZ with in game issues and Pubs16 Pubs16 did well with barely no practice picking up pace as the race went on. Next stop is Daytona Road Course boys, last event, good luck and thanks for racing.


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