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How to login and sign up using social networks here at #VIPR

Logging in with facebook and microsoft is the same as logging in with any other social login's.

  1. VIPR

    Logging in and registering on our Sim Racing Forums have never been easier. With a click of a social network login button, you're basically all good to go. After clicking on a social network button to login, you have the option to change your forum name, email, date of birth, country etc. You don't need to change your username and other details if you don't wish to. Though you will need to chose a country for racing purpose. If you decide to login using a social network, #VIPR can see your profile image and email, just like registering the normal way. Just to make things clear, thats all we can see, even if the social network says we can see your friends etc, we simply can't! So you're safe to register or login with a social network regardless.

    In this video below, you can see and watch how simple using social networks to login really is. It basically saves you time and makes life easy. Please note though, if you do login using a social network, you must be logged into example facebook always to log back into the forums. But you do have the option to remove your social network within your profile after signing up. That way you can simply login to the forums without being logged into google etc.

    If you are confused on how to login using social networks, then please watch this video below. In this video, it shows just 2 social network logins, but all logins work the same way. The video just gets you started, gives you the idea of how its done.