Endurance - V8SC Round 13 - Bathurst - Drivers Briefing

pCARS 2 PS4 Endurance - V8SC Round 13 - Bathurst - Drivers Briefing




Endurance Drivers Briefing for Bathurst Round 13 V8SC
All Times In: AEDT
Date: Sunday 11/11/2018
Number of Races: 2
Time Progression: x2
Tyre Wear: Authentic
Breaks Between Races: 1


Room Opens: 1:00PM
Qualifying: 1:30PM
Race: 2:00PM
Laps: 37
Tyres: Slick Soft
Season: Autumn
Weather: Clear
Room Time: 04:00AM
Mandatory pit stops: 1


Qualifying: 3:00PM
Race: 3:30PM
Laps: 25
Tyres: Slick Soft
Season: Autumn
Weather: Overcast/Light Cloud/Heavy Cloud/Clear
Room Time: 13:00PM
Mandatory pit stops: 1

There is 30 minutes qualifying before races 1 and 2. There is also 30 minutes break after race 1. Depending on how many drivers join, there will be 4 plus AI cars. In race 2 after the 30 minute break, all drivers will join the lobby and load strait into Qualifying.

Make sure your net is ready and no one is using it that could cause drop outs.

Everyone knows the rules by now, but we will just point out a few reminders:

1. If another driver has your draft or is trying to get it, do not move from side to side.

2. If you crash or slide out, do not pull back onto the track in front of oncoming traffic! Do as you would crossing the road or pulling out in your real car down the street, look for cars.

3. You're welcome to bump AI cars if they're holding you up. Make sure its a AI car!

4. Everyone is allowed to give VIPR FPR a Cucumber from behind. :087:

5. Don't hog the track down the straits.

If the host gets a DC, can we please have other drivers take a photo of the results thank you and good luck everyone.

Points amount is for per race.


1st: 225
2nd: 207
3rd: 192
4th: 180
5th: 165
6th: 153
7th: 144
8th: 135
9th: 126
10th: 117​
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