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  • G'day, thanks for your message.
    I'm ok but my computers in the red zone.
    Building my new 6 core beast over the coming weeks, so I will be on & off for a while.
    Also, been doing Marny vids and other stuff.
    Hey, I will be flying over to visit my Dad, who lives in Bendigo, on abouts the 23rd September. Any chance of getting together for a coffee / drink ?
    Yeah, I just had a look at your old site. Seems we have similar taste in celebs - Chloë, MK & A , Marny etc.
    I would be very keen to be part of a new Marny site. The ones around at the moment are no where near as good as Gochloë, in terms of user friendliness and content. The "A Gurls Wurld official site is way out of date too. I find that strange as the tv show is still airing here in Oz. And now "Conspiracy 365" is showing. Marny is currently trekking about on her World Adventure with her friend and co-star Ariel Kaplan. They have made some cool videos of their cahoots in England , France and across Europe.
    Can I ask you - what are your other current sites?
    Hi , I have noticed that youve been rather absent lately. Didn't know weather that Maudraum dude had come over to attack you in one of Bendigo's dark backstreets, or maybe you be setting up another site, like one for Marny Kennedy. She is a talented Aussie actress with a huge future - well I think so anyway, but she needs a fansite like this one to launch her into megastardom.
    I have been making some short Chloë vids with Power director, which is fun, and I have uploaded some to your site. I have also made one of Marny. I know that there is "Off topic" forum, but is it poss to upload "Off topic" video, like my Marny one? - or would that just be inviting people to upload all sorts of crap.
    Thanks for the popcorn !
    u welcome anyway i am glad that u are up holding Chloe names by being active in this link
    u welcome anyway i am glad that u are up holding Chloe names by being active in this link
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